Forging a Regional Legacy:

Midstream Energy Services Segment: Sales, Supply and Regional Infrastructure

WGL Midstream began as a natural gas storage business outside of our regulated utility business. We buy gas at one price, store it and plan to sell it on a regional basis at a higher price. Soon we began to transport that gas, and more recently recognized that we had an interest in the natural gas infrastructure in our region and began to make investments in pipelines.

Our Midstream enterprise is generating both revenue and profit while also helping build a natural gas transmission network serving the Northeastern region of the U.S., improving supply lines and connecting the huge Marcellus natural gas formation with millions of customers along the Eastern seaboard and mid-Atlantic states.

Case Studies
Central Penn Line: Construction Begins, a Major Step Forward

Central Penn Line: Construction Begins, a Major Step Forward

Case Study

WGL’s growing presence in the regional transmission of natural gas took a major step forward in 2017 with the commencement of construction of the Central Penn Line (a major component of Transco’s Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline Project), a natural gas pipeline that will provide new firm gas transportation capacity through Pennsylvania. WGL has committed $410 million to the project as part of our overall $1 billion projected investment in regional transmission pipelines.

WGL Midstream is a significant investor in Central Penn, a 185-mile “greenfield” pipeline in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, and extending to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The Central Penn Line will be instrumental in addressing the current challenge of transporting natural gas from an area with abundant supply to existing established markets.

The Central Penn Line will have the capacity to transport and deliver up to 1.7 million dekatherms per day of natural gas and is expected to be put into service in 2018.