Forging a Safe and Reliable Legacy:

Our Regulated Utility: Growth, Safety, Reliability and Customer Service

Washington Gas stands at the center of our business—the foundation of our past and the keystone of our future. In FY 2017, we made giant strides in improving customer service and continued to build upon a natural gas delivery network that is, first and foremost, safe and reliable. We connected more than 12,400 new customers to our system and maintained our reliability at a remarkably high 99.7 percent through continued investment in upgrading our pipe infrastructure.

Case Studies
Toll Brothers and Washington Gas: Building Our Customer Base
A Team Approach to a Complex Challenge: Carmeuse Lime & Stone
Responding to Housing Preferences: The Bozzuto Group

In FY 2017, WGL invested $408 million in our natural gas utility, including $131 million in the accelerated replacement of existing pipe and $129 million in new infrastructure that can support customer growth. Moreover, we project that in the next five years, we will invest another $1.8 billion in our system.

Also in FY 2017, we took steps to significantly improve service to our customers. During the year, we implemented our new SAP customer information system, a tool that provides our call center with improved ability to resolve customer billing calls that are not addressable through our Internet-based eService system. That same SAP system also put tablets in the hands of our field employees, giving them more real-time, at-the-site information about a call.

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Through WGL’s optimization of natural gas storage and transportation assets, we work to fully utilize our pipeline capacity when it is not otherwise needed to serve our customers. Maximizing our assets produces results for customers and shareholders.

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Toll Brothers and Washington Gas: Building Our Customer Base

Case Study
Toll Brothers’ Marlboro Ridge

Washington Gas has a long-standing relationship with Toll Brothers, a Fortune 500 homebuilder with developments in 50 suburban and urban markets in 20 states, working with the company to bring natural gas to their properties in our service area.

Since 2006, Washington Gas has worked with Toll Brothers to supply natural gas to its communities, including the luxury Marlboro Ridge community in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Marlboro Ridge is an ongoing project that consists of 317 townhomes and 482 single family homes, a sophisticated residential community offering state-of-the-art equestrian facilities and resort-style amenities.

Developers like Toll Brothers know that homebuyers want natural gas heating, cooking and hot water. Accordingly, natural gas-supplied homes are in high demand. They are comfortable and convenient, and energy costs are lower. In addition to reduced operating costs, high-efficiency natural gas appliances are better for the environment.

Toll Brothers’ Kitchens Feature Natural Gas

A Team Approach to a Complex Challenge: Carmeuse Lime & Stone

Case Study

A diverse Washington Gas team of experts took on the challenge of supplying natural gas to Carmeuse Lime & Stone’s Clear Brook, Virginia, facility in early 2014, a process that took two years to complete due to time constraints and site work restrictions.

The meter on the project was set in January of 2016, and is projected to result in the annual use of nearly 12.2 million therms of natural gas—enough gas to heat 11,000 homes—to power Carmeuse’s limestone drying operation and to heat its kilns and administrative facilities.

The coordinated effort among the Washington Gas sales, engineered sales, engineering and construction teams helped Carmeuse complete the project ahead of schedule. Importantly, the changeover from fuel oil to natural gas has resulted in substantial cost savings while at the same time employing a cleaner-burning fuel.

Responding to Housing Preferences: The Bozzuto Group

Case Study
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With more and more buildings in the multi-family space, developers may be enticed to build with electric instead of gas because of lower upfront costs. But it is not what the customers want and it is not more cost efficient in the long run.

Washington Gas’ Multifamily Incentive Program was created to help lower capital expenditures for builders and developers who choose natural gas in their multifamily projects. The Bozzuto Group is a prime example of a real estate services organization partnering with Washington Gas to bring natural gas to multifamily properties.

Washington Gas’ Engineered Sales team works with developers like Bozzuto to find creative solutions that make building with natural gas easy. Through the Multifamily Incentive Program, developers, including Bozzuto, are eligible to receive funds from Washington Gas to help reduce upfront costs associated with including individual unit natural gas meters in their multifamily projects. The average incentive amount is $1,000 per unit and, in some cases, internal piping costs may be covered completely. The Multifamily Incentive Program is available in all three of Washington Gas’ jurisdictions.