Forging a Sustainable Legacy:

New Goals for Environmental Responsibility

WGL is dedicated to providing clean, reliable and affordable energy to our communities. At the heart of that imperative is our belief that energy generates the pathway to a more sustainable economy and helps eradicate poverty, combat climate change and generate advancements in health, education, food and water, and industrialization.

In recent years, we have intensified our commitment to a healthy environment and a sustainable future. We have adopted a far more systemic, organized process of measuring our impact on the environment and have also embraced new business initiatives that help governments, institutions, corporations and communities develop alternative clean energy sources such as solar and wind as well as increased energy efficiency, in addition to clean-burning natural gas.

Our sustainability program is based on the core principles of ensuring access to modern energy, expanding economic opportunities, maintaining resilient infrastructure and enabling sustainable cities and communities.

We are proud of our efforts so far and are committed to advancing them in the years to come.

We take our responsibilities as stewards of our environment seriously. We lead by example in our operations and the solutions we offer to customers. We have established comprehensive metrics to ensure our progress toward a clean and sustainable future.

Our first set of sustainability goals was achieved four years ahead of schedule. Through operation of more than 200 natural gas vehicles in our fleet and LEED-certified buildings, such as our operations center in Springfield, Va., we achieved a 74 percent reduction in fleet and facilities emissions. By investing in our natural gas infrastructure, with accelerated pipe replacement programs in all three of Washington Gas’ jurisdictions, we have been able to reduce the emissions intensity from our natural gas distribution system by 20 percent.

Our next set of targets is equally ambitious. By 2025, we are committed to operating completely carbon neutral facilities and fleet across all of the WGL companies; enabling our customers to avoid 18 million metric tons of carbon emissions; and achieving a 38% reduction in carbon emission intensity per therm of delivered natural gas. Finally, we have a companion target to invest 30% of our business spend with diverse suppliers, including minority-owned, women-owned and service-disabled, veteran-owned businesses by 2021.




Our fleet and facilities will be carbon neutral

18 million metric tons of avoided greenhouse gas emissions by our customers (2015–2025)

38% reduction in carbon intensity per delivered therm of natural gas